Fr Martin Hislop

Fr. Martin Hislop

Fr. Martin took up the post of priest-in-charge in February 2000 and in April 2005 was Collated and Inducted as Vicar of the restored Living.  

Ordained in 1991 in the Diocese of North Queensland, Australia, his ministry has included school and university chaplaincy as well as experience as a parish priest and Cathedral ministry.

Prior to his ordination, Fr. Martin had worked as a university lecturer, adviser to an Australian politician and civil servant in Federal Aboriginal Affairs.

Fr. Martin maintains his interest in social responsibilities through active involvement in civic and community affairs and until its disbandment was a member of the Southwark Board of Church and Society.

Fr Martin is an active member of the Kingston Deanery Chapter and has represented the clergy on Southwark Diocesan Synod since 2000. He has recently been appointed a Diocesan Vocations Adviser.