May Merrie – 2008


May Merrie, Saturday 10th May, 2008 was a glorious day.  The sun was shining and this corner of Kingston was at peace.  The theme of the May Merrie, as in previous years was the same – living in God’s wonderful creation as a community - living the Gospel, loving one’s neighbour.  Many of the details were also the same as previous years: short service of thanksgiving in the church, face painting, hot-dogs, tea/coffee, wine/beer, kid’s craft making and children dancing. 


As mentioned, the May Merrie was an event used to promote community, not just in the raising of funds, but the raising of awareness, and this is where the May Merrie subtly differed from previous years.  It was used to make the community aware of the Canbury Community Arts Trust and to make people know, as a members of  North Kingston ( a loose term that covers not only the geographical area, but people from Surbiton, New Malden and Ham), the Trust wishes to promote community by promoting art, dance and music.


The highlight, as in previous years, was watching children dance, both from the school and then a mixture of children from the church family and people who dropped in to see what was happening.  There were displays from St. Luke’s school of both maypole dancing and country dancing  – a joyous mixture of girls and boys swirling and enjoying the beginning of summer.


If you want to find out more of the aims and events for the Canbury Community Arts Trust, drop into St. Luke’s church and you should find a leaflet detailing its work and aims.  Although one of the main trustees is Fr Martin, St. Luke’s church, the Trust is inclusive and as such welcomes people of all faiths, no-faith, ethnicity, age, talent, disability, sexuality, gender and in addition does not mind whether you prefer Bovril or a marmite or neither on your toast in the morning.  It is an organisation that is for everyone.


Before finishing, a quick plug – The first Canbury Arts festival will be 21st and 22nd June.  Posters will be going up and hopefully, Kingston council will put details on their website.  This promises to be a very enjoyable weekend.